AT – GA Day 2 Springer Mtn to Hawk Mtn Shelter June 1, 2013

Hawk Mountain Shelter, ~7.8 miles, tenting

Springer Mountain Morning:

Sitting in my tent.  The mountain is very foggy this morning.  I am listening to the morning birds sing as I slowly make the transition to morning.  It is slowly brightening and the winds have died down.  chirp chirp chirp chirp!

Hawk Mountain evening:

The day started with finding out my lighter didn’t work 😦 but I brought matches so I was still able to cook my oatmeal.  Jules found out a mouse had chewed into her food bag!

A day with much beautiful scenery and mild trails!  We hiked through many Rhododendron thickets and crossed a few streams.

Trail Magic!!! Thank you Fran for the fresh Georgia peaches!

We had a snack at Stover Creek shelter and lunch at Long Creek Falls.  I took off my boots and waded in the creek!  We also stopped at Hickory Flatts Cemetery for a nice break!

Along the trail I was treated to flame azaleas!  So gorgeous!  And there were many dead trees that had spooky looks to them.  Everything I look at is beautiful.  I am just really happy to be here on the trail.  All there is to think about is walking, food, water, sleeping and meeting other hikers.  I love this!

We are now at Hawk Mountain Shelter…Jules lost her phone…and I practically set the forest on fire with my stove!  Not using it again.  Will ask about it when we get to Neels Gap (Mountain Crossings).  The other gals are going to heat water for me…thank God!  I am kind of angry about the stove but there are so many positive things to think about.  It is so exciting to be here…I cannot believe I pulled this off!  Tomorrow we hike to Gooch Mountain shelter, 7.3 miles, but a lot more elevation gains and losses.  We will climb Sassafras Mountain and Justis Mountain tomorrow.

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Hiking, the woods, books, my son, my cats and dogs, math, hanging with my sweetie and making fires. what else is there? oh yeah, falling in the woods every once in a is a talent of mine.

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