9/21/13 Maryland Heights, MD

As a teacher, Septembers are packed solid and there is not much time left over to breathe, let alone get out and hike.  But yay! I was getting out on this chilly, cloudy morning and doing something besides grading! besides planning for student learning! besides working on my portfolio!  …which by the way quickly became the black holio!

I needed this mountain climb to make my mind stop racing.  Teaching, for me, is like being in crisis mode for 8 hours a day.  When I am at school, nothing slows down, ever.   This is why I bring anything requiring long thought processes…like grading, planning and working on my portfolio home.  There is no time to do that stuff at school.

So I raced around in the morning.  Fed the cats, the dogs, the feral kittens we rescued…then pulled on my hiking clothes…exhale.  sit.  wait for Boomerang to get to my house.  breathe.  ahhhhh…..

Boomerang arrived and we set off (with Sidekick Pauli in tow) towards Harper’s Ferry.  Maryland Heights is across the river from Harper’s Ferry.  As such there is quite a bit of Civil War history tied to it.

We were lucky to find a close parking spot and after backing the Highlander into the spot (for an easy exit) we headed up the trail.

It is a nice climb!  The trail is wide and nicely maintained, even if it is wicked steep!  We had planned to do the entire loop around the mountain, but rain continued to threaten so we limited the hike to the overlook…which is AMAZING by the way 🙂

The rock outcropping at Maryland Heights overlooks historic Harper’s Ferry.   There were several people at the overlook as usual.  A church group, a hiking group, and various others were present.  One guy asked Boomerang if she could take a picture of him and his girlfriend.  She took a few, then he asked if she could just take one more.  Then he got down on his knee and proposed!!! So sweet!

Boomerang told me afterwards that it was her anniversary.  How weird is that?  Then after posting the pics on Facebook, another of my friends said her daughter had gotten married on the very same day that this guy proposed! 😀  The stars aligned!

Great hike!

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Hiking, the woods, books, my son, my cats and dogs, math, hanging with my sweetie and making fires. what else is there? oh yeah, falling in the woods every once in a while...it is a talent of mine.

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