Spring Spectacular! Two Hikes with the Maryland Trail Dames

Spring is finally here! I welcome the blue skies, green grass, spring flowers, and happy birds more than ever after the crazy winter we have had here in Maryland. So with a literal spring in my step I have headed out more than a few times over the last couple of weeks to take it all in with all of my senses.


I lead hikes for the Maryland chapter of Trail Dames (www.traildames.com) and really like to meet up with our sister chapters in Virginia for a hike once a year.  Last year we hiked at Sky Meadows State Park in Virginia just after the new year in January…and this year I had scheduled this hike also in January…only to be snow/iced out.  What a joy that I had to cancel in January as the hike on April 12 was absolutely gorgeous.  We could not have asked for a more perfect day!  Blue skies, warm sun, and spring flowers all along the trail.  Just perfect!


We took a loop of about 5.5 miles that went up to the high meadows and back down.  Even novice hikers can do this hike, although it may require some huffing, puffing and breaks while on the way up!  It is WELL worth all physical efforts a novice would put into it.  If you are in the area and looking for an amazing hike, this is it.  Before you are even finished with the hike you will be planning a return visit…seriously.


This was at Worthington Farm in Frederick, Maryland and a late addition to the Trail Dame hike list as I just got the itch to go and decided if any of the Dames wanted to join me, then that would be cool.  Within a few day of posting, there were 8 Dames signed up to go.  Guess everyone is ready to get back out on the trails!

We met at 5:30 pm for an evening hike.  The day had been beautiful and was now giving way to a very pleasant evening.  The walk started uphill.  We could hear the cows mooing as we made our way through the woods now popping with bright greens on the forest floor and in the lower canopy of trees.  The whistle of a train could be heard in the distance and my nose was filled with the fresh smell of dirt, grass, and faintly of fields recently spread with natural fertilizer.  It was so satisfying.


Then as we exited the woods at the top of the hill, a herd of deer paused to look back over their shoulders at us, then bounded a few feet away with white tails held high before stopping to graze on the tender grass again.

Looking out over Baker Valley

Looking out over Baker Valley

Coming down from the hill, we skirted the cow pasture.  New calves were prancing about as their worried mommas mooed looking for their young ones.  Very, very adorable baby cows!


Then came the flowers down by the Monocacy River! Oh, oh, oh! the flowers!  Bluebells lined the path and with the last rays of sun filtering through the trees and off the water it was a site fit for a fairytale.  We spent a long time wandering the path along the river.  That kind of beauty just can’t be rushed.

I hope you have had time to get out and enjoy your neck of the woods! 🙂

Hike on!

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