Holiday in Hoosierland

Hoosierland is always a fun time visiting with family!  This year, amid the craziness of Christmas preparations I was able to take a hike the Milwaukee Rail Trail with my son, Logan, who is finishing his senior year at Indiana State, and my niece, Isa, who is dreaming about life after grad school.

Headed east to Bedford!

Headed east to Bedford!

I was staying at the Sheriff’s House B&B owned by none other than host extraordinaire, Rowena Cross-Najafi, my sister! If you are interested in checking out the rail trail or hiking in the Hoosier National Forest, then this is a perfect spot to go glamping! I stayed in the “World Traveler Room” this time, but the “Princess Room” is just as fun…and no one should be staying at a chain hotel when this costs $75 a night with an awesome home cooked breakfast in a beautiful setting. Who knows…she might even give you a ride to the trail. 🙂

Sheriff's House B& sister will treat you well!

Sheriff’s House B&B…my sister will treat you well!

After Rowena dropped us at the Coxton Road trail head, we walked east on the Milwaukee Trail along the White River.  It was full and flowing fast from recent storms. Storms that produced a few tornadoes. In December. While we were out on the road. Yep. Thought I was gonna die.  HOOSIERLAND!  But the storms had moved south taking the drama with them into Mississippi and Alabama.  This day, Christmas Eve, was absolutely gorgeous.

Logan and I on the trail!

Logan and I on the trail!

The White? River

The White? River

The Milwaukee Rail Trail will eventually extend further west, but for today we were happy to stroll a relaxing five miles back to town along the river and through some pretty interesting geological formations.  Isa is a geology major and was happy to give us the geological tour through centuries of limestone.  Very cool stuff!

Isa and Logan and LIMESTONE!

Isa and Logan and LIMESTONE!

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It was a beautiful walk.  We stumbled upon an abandoned river cabin and poked around a little before continuing our way east.  We all wondered about the family who came to hang out at the river.  What a nice life!

There wasn’t much left…a torn lawn chair complete with discarded old beer can, a dilapidated swing set frame, and a house that was partially collapsing…but it sparked the imagination none the less.  I probably could have sat there for hours just writing in a journal…and it would have all been depressing (because abandoned houses just bring out the sad in me).  So I am glad I wasn’t by myself, because this was a day to rejoice!



Wilson Park Trail

We exited the trail at Wilson Park and walked through Bedford on our way back to the Sheriff’s B&B.  Thankful to have such a wonderful Christmas Eve! Hike on!

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2 thoughts on “Holiday in Hoosierland

  1. Notes from the Scenic Route says:

    Lovely! I spent a day of my Indiana visit at nearby Brown County. Always nice to explore those Hoosier trails!

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