Going Out Solo…Sasquatch Beware!

Done teaching my summer class, so now I am breaking free!  I started preparing for my first solo backpack at the beginning of June.  Over the last two weeks I have checked the weather where I am headed a gazillion times, changing my route each time to accommodate thunderstorms.  But now, hooray! Thunderstorms are no longer forecast!

I usually do a long section of the Appalachian Trail in the summer, but that wasn’t going to work out because of the summer teaching gig and I wanted to go back to Indiana to visit family.  So I have combined the family visit with a short backpack.  I grew up in the woods in southern Indiana.  My dad would scare us silly about things that lurked in the woods…like Sasquatch!

Well, I can assure you that in my preparation for this trip, Sasquatch has been showing up in my dreams…as have tornados (A little PTSD from the annual viewing of Wizard of Oz when I was a kid).

I have tried to do everything I can think to be prepared.  Like call the Forest Office (no answer), the state park office (*gasp* “you’re not going by yourself, are you?), check hunting seasons (it’s crow, bullfrog, and turtle season just in case you are wondering), and tracking the weather.  I have the map memorized and know exactly where I am going to cache my water.  My route is mostly finalized, but, if you backpack, you know how that goes…

With each little piece of planning, the trip becomes less daunting and more exciting.  I can do this!  It will be fun! So watch out Sasquatch…because I am coming to dance with you!

Hike on! 🙂

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