AT – GA Day 1 Springer Mountain May 31, 2013

Hiked 0.9 miles to Springer Mountain, Tenting


Today started with a buffet breakfast at the Quality Inn (Hillsville, VA)! Took me another 5 hours to get to Buford, Georgia. Jules and Dennice picked me up and after getting lunch at Subway we headed to Springer Mountain. I was so excited to put on my pack after meeting Fran, Donna, and Debbie! The walk up to the Springer summit and the beginning of the Appalachian trail was a quick and easy 0.9 miles. Beautiful views!

Two southbounders, Frogman 1and Frogman 1.1, completed their through hike while we were at the summit! Frogman 1 said he was in shock!!


We came down from the summit, set up our tents and ate dinner. I had half of a sub left from lunch. Tomorrow morning I will have to cook! There are a lot of people at the shelter tonight (it’s Friday…go figure). They had a nice fire going and all were drinking…they seem alright though. I am pretty tired from all the driving so I am in my bag ready to sleep! Nice and breezy tonight! Suppose to be rainy on Sunday.