AT – GA Day 11 Tray Mountain to Deep Gap Shelter 6/10/13

Deep Gap Shelter, 7.5 miles, staying in shelter


So the rain finally stopped after practically drowning us today!  I couldn’t believe it.  It seemed like it was stopping when all the sudden, BOOM, the skies opened up and we were doused.   I squished up Kelly Knob (long, long climb…so many false summits), then squished down Kelly Knob.  The trail down had become a cascading waterfall.  Slippery rocks!

Finally, I reached the shelter!  At that time the rain actually did stop and the sun was streaming through the trees.  Someone had left a clothsline up in front of the shelter so I put it to good use.  I hung up my boots, socks, liners, bandanas, shirt, and sports bra on the line. Then I made some hot tea, sat back and relaxed.  God, it felt good!

Lumberjack and the guy with Reverend the dog are here.  The guy had Tootsie rolls!!!!!!!!  No amount of exclamation points can convey how happy this made me :D!  Yummy!

Tomorrow we will resupply then head to Plumorchard Shelter.  Only 3 more days and I will have completed Springer Mountain to NC…hard to believe.

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Hiking, the woods, books, my son, my cats and dogs, math, hanging with my sweetie and making fires. what else is there? oh yeah, falling in the woods every once in a is a talent of mine.

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