AT-WVA Blackburn AT Center to Keys Gap 11/23/13

Out with the Trail Dames today!  I thought I was going to have to cancel this hike because my ankle has been causing me a little trouble, but the podiatrist gave the okay…sweet.  She taped up my ankle and sent me on my way!  My ankles just don’t work right is all…big time pronation.  Anyway, having them taped up makes them feel so good so I was glad the doctor wrapped up the left one which was giving me trouble.  I wish she would have done both. 🙂

Sidekick Pauli was obviously distraught that I was not taking her along this morning.  We were to meet at Keys Gap then shuttle down to the Blackburn AT Center…so bringing her along was out of the question.

8 AM, it was chilly!  Oh good lord, I needed to get gas.  Okay, finally after a stop at GetGo I was on my way down 34o towards Harper’s Ferry.  After crossing the 34o bridge and passing the gas station, I took a left and headed up Chestnut Hill Road, then a left on Rt. 9 and there was the Keys Gap trailhead up to the left.  I made it with time to spare!

Dirigo, Python & Cullowee were already in the parking lot.  Soon many of the other dames showed up except for two.  I had readied my car to use as a shuttle, but since a few dames had canceled and the two dames had not shown up, it didn’t look like I would need to shuttle after all.  Good thing since I could still smell the oil burning from my trip up Chestnut Hill!! 😀

We all piled into Dirigo & Python’s cars and headed on down the road.  Oh, this was going to be a great day for hiking!  Blue skies, crisp air!  I was more than ready to test my ankle.

Arriving at the Blackburn AT Center, we had to climb up to the main house.  Nice way to get a little warmed up right out of the gate!  The center is really neat!  The stone work is beautiful.  There is a hostel out back for hikers, in addition to tent sites, but if everything is full, then you can set up on the porch of the main house. 🙂

We started up the hill behind the main house in order to access the AT.  It wasn’t too bad, a little steep but with switchbacks. Yay!  Soon found ourselves on the ridge.  From here is was pretty much a cake walk to our first nice view.  This view was not named in AWOLs book, but was worth the short walk off the trail!

On through the woods we hiked, on wooden planks, over rocks and then up to Buzzard Rocks!

We took several photos at the rocks, of course!  I think Dirigo even got a few action shots of me trying to climb back up…after going down! Haha…it could have ended right there for BoobOnARock! 🙂

After climbing back up the rocks and then back down to the AT, yes, UP and then DOWN again, we headed to the David Lesser shelter for lunch.  What a fantastic shelter!  It has a PORCH SWING!!!!!  There are two things I would love to have at my house, one is a porch and the other is a porch swing!  How cool is it to have a porch swing at a shelter?  Way cool!!! 🙂 🙂  Bag Lady took to that swing and from the looks of it, found her inner happy spot there!  Nice to get a little zen in the middle of your hike.

Yeah, and I should probably chastise someone for not practicing leave no trace…but how cute is this liitle shelter guardian?

Shelter Guardian

Shelter Guardian

So I mentioned my taped up ankle and you might be wondering whether it was falling apart or not…especially seeing some of the rocky parts we hiked over.  I took a chance hiking today.  I didn’t know whether it was a good idea in terms of my ankle, but knew it was a great idea for my soul.  Was my ankle a little sore?  Not too bad I am happy to report!!  I was taking my time, being as gentle as I could, and it was holding up fantastically! 🙂 🙂

Segue into Afternoon

Segue into Afternoon

We finished the hike at about 2 PM at Keys Gap.  Dirigo, Python & Bag Lady headed to a local winery for a tasting of limoncello and a seasonal pumpkincello!  It sounded like fun, but I declined as I wanted to get home to Sidekick Pauli, Jett, my cats and the foster kitties!  I would include Little Caesar’s name in the mix but she is working today until 10 PM.  Got the animals all to myself this afternoon…treats for everyone! 🙂 🙂

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Hiking, the woods, books, my son, my cats and dogs, math, hanging with my sweetie and making fires. what else is there? oh yeah, falling in the woods every once in a is a talent of mine.

2 thoughts on “AT-WVA Blackburn AT Center to Keys Gap 11/23/13

  1. Great day for a hike! Glad your ankle is feeling better. Let us know if you want to bring Sidekick Pauli to Blackburn to Snickers Gap.

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