AT-PA Yellow Springs Village to Peter’s Mountain Shelter 5/26/14

May 26, 2014

Yellow Springs Campsite to Peter’s Mountain Shelter

13.5 miles,  Staying at shelter


Something like sciatic nerve pain, but down the front of my leg, kept me tossing all night.  Add that to continuously sliding off my mat and you have all the makings for an early rise!

I had fallen asleep quickly last night…but was awakened when this thru hiker came in for a break at about 8 pm.  And why was he breaking?  To smoke a little dope.  You know, I don’t really care if a hiker feels the need to smoke dope or not…but I wish if a hiker does partake… then he or she would do it somewhere they aren’t intruding on other hiker’s space.  That is all, please and thank you.

We packed up and headed out on another glorious day weather wise.  Rattling Run came up quickly.  There are some very nice campsites here! I was so busy taking in the surroundings that I lost the white blaze for a few minutes.  Back on the trail, we continued easily as the rocks weren’t too bad and no significant ups or downs.


Descending to Rt. 325 the trail traversed along the base of a mountain that was ALL tumbling boulders.  I’ve been told that this part of Pennsylvania has more rattlesnakes than anywhere else in the state.  The crevices in the rocks make great dens for 20 – 30 snakes.  I was thinking about those rattlesnake dens up there in the rocks and watching the ground very carefully on my way down to the road!

It was 6.7 miles to 325, but it seemed to go quickly.  We stopped for a break and filtered water at Clark’s Creek.  Many of the locals were arriving to fish and we met two guys coming down the mountain who had been out turkey hunting.  The creek has places that look like they would be absolutely beautiful swimming holes…if the fishing wasn’t going on.


Now for the real workout for the day.  UP to the rocky ridge!  The hiking was getting pretty tedious and our ankles were feeling the burn for sure.  After one rocky section, I caught view of what looked like nice, flat, soft trail ahead…then I got to walking on this and found there were several smaller, jagged rocks sticking up at a whole slew of angles just waiting to trip me up! I felt like I was in a video game and quickly became engrossed in rock hopping.  My senses were completely focused on one thing, walking and staying upright.  Seriously exhausting…mentally and physically!


Ode to Bag Lady...she would have NOT been happy with this part of the AT!

Ode to Bag Lady…she would have NOT been happy with this part of the AT!

View just before Peter's Mountain Shelter coming from the north

View just before Peter’s Mountain Shelter coming from the north

I was overjoyed to reach the shelter.  I sat down and leaned back on my backpack and didn’t move for a few minutes.

Wet Dog, a thru hiker, was at the shelter when we rolled in, a super nice and talented artist.  You should see the walking stick he crafted and uses.  People would pay good money for that…he would have my business!

A little bubble of thru hikers came in a little later…WhichWay, Professor T, and some other hikers.  They were very happy as there had been Memorial Day trail magic at PA 225!

Google exclaimed, “And you didn’t bring us any!”

The BIG Peter's Mtn Shelter!

The BIG Peter’s Mtn Shelter!

I got in my bag, leaned back into my pillow and don’t remember anything else. Yep, it was a hard day.

Hike on!

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