AT-PA Peter’s Mtn Shelter to Duncannon 9.3 miles 5/27/14

May 27, 2014

Last Day

Peter’s Mountain Shelter to Duncannon

Rain was in the forecast, with possible thunderstorms so we got moving early hoping we could get to Duncannon before the rain!  I ate a quick breakfast of Clif bars and hot tea before heading out.  We made good time and decided to make a quick look-see at Table Rock since it was not far off the trail…as in we could see it from the trail!  Then we put the feet in action once again as we headed to PA225 (scene of the aforementioned trail magic on Memorial Day).


BoobOnARock taking in the view at Table Rock

BoobOnARock taking in the view at Table Rock

The trail starts along what looks like an access road to the power lines, but veers off in order to take the hiker over a few rocky outcrops…with minimal views. Why??????  The trail joins the access road again just before 225!  That was a little pointless. Oh well…on with it!  The trail remained level and relatively nice up to the power lines ( which have a nice view down to the river).

View from the power lines

View from the power lines

Arriving at Clark’s Ferry Shelter soon after, we ate lunch and talked to a woman who, can you believe it, is also associated with Trail Dames!  She was out of Kentucky…you just never know who you will meet out here!


A meeting of the Inter-State Trail Dames!

A meeting of the Inter-State Trail Dames!

The clouds were gathering and I could feel the humidity rising.  Time to go!  The rock jumbles were coming and the last place I wanted to be in a thunderstorm was at the top of a mountain on the rocks!

The jumbles were kind of fun!  But I like that kind of thing because it allows me to slow down and think about how I am going to get through the jumble.  Like a puzzle.  And a rock jumble is not as hard on the feet as those little jagged buggers that line parts of the trail.


The way down had nice switch backs and we made it back to our cars in plenty of time to get lunch before I headed back to Maryland and Google headed back to Georgia.  So where did we go?  The Doyle!  We didn’t want to stay there when we were in Duncannon the first time…so now we can at least say we went there!  (and I am glad we didn’t stay there…)  The food was good, but as usual, not a ton of stuff for vegetarians.  There were a few thru hikers at the bar with eyes already glazed over.  Who was that at the end? Oh! Hey! It’s Shoefly stopping in for lunch before heading back up the mountain to look after his section!  His eyes were NOT glazed over and he was as lively as ever!


BoobOnARock at the Doyle Hotel

The rain held off until I was in my car and headed back home.  Thank goodness because that was a heck of a storm!!


Went right through it. Ugh, terrible! Near Thurmont, MD.

After completing this section in Pennsylvania, from Pine Grove Furnace SP to Swartara SP,  I want to commend all the ridge runners & trail maintainers for the absolutely amazing job that they do.  The PA trail & shelters are well maintained, clean and just awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I will be back for the other half of the trail after my ankles return to their normal size!!

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