The Red, White & Blue Challenge Update!

We, as in Sidekick Pauli and myself, hit the Red Trail at Gambrill SP just as the sun was coming up over the eastern ridge of the mountain. It was very quiet! This trail is short and I found that it connects the campground with the larger trail system at Gambrill.  Even though the distance was minimal it is a nice trail with very informative signs on the different types of trees in the park.

Red Trail down...on to the White!

Red Trail down…on to the White!

So on to the White Trail! Found ourselves at South Mountain Inn in about 20 minutes.  Sidekick Pauli was positively delighted that we had NOT gone home to Frederick! 🙂 We hiked north on the Appalachian Trail past the Dahlgren Chapel and up the hill to the Washington Monument.  There were some beautiful flowers along the the trail that stood about 3 – 4 feet high.  It was still a little chilly out…but warming up!

We stopped in Middletown…at the gas station/deli for lunch.  OMG, the food at this place is so good!  I had a cheese sub, yummmmmmmy! 🙂  It was a nice break!  Then we headed to Sugarloaf Mountain for the Blue Trail.  Driving down Mt. Ephraim Road, I found my secret parking spot was still vacant, yesssssss! 🙂 🙂 🙂  Headed up and around the Blue which goes up, around and down the mountain with a few ups on the the down and downs on the ups. 😉



Sidekick Pauli’s first 10-miler! 🙂

Too many happy faces?? Absolutely not. Hike on!!!

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