On the Trail with Sidekick Pauli and Little Caesar! June 21-22, 2014

Last weekend was the FIRST weekend of “ahhhhhhh” that I have had since we started getting the house ready to sell.  Well, the house is now on the market! It went on the market on June 17, our anniversary…it wasn’t planned that way, but is so symbolic as remodeling the house just about killed our relationship.  Maybe you can relate!  It was much more stressful than either of us had anticipated and I NEVER, NEVER want to go through that again!!!

So this last weekend was not only a wonderful respite from the endless “fix this, fix that”, it was also a time to focus on just us.  This was ever so nice! 🙂

Saturday, however, was for me and Sidekick Pauli.  During our weekends of long days fixing the house, which is not the house we live in by the way, Sidekick Pauli had to be content with her daily play in our back yard, instead of out on the trail.  She was a trooper, but it was getting on her nerves…some days she was short tempered with our other pets. It was not ideal!

On Saturday we hit the trail together, me and Sidekick Pauli! To begin our hike we meandered down by the Monocacy River which was large, fast and red due to recent thunderstorms.  While the river was swollen, the trail was itself was in good shape…only a few muddy spots.  Along the side of the trail and the edge of the meadow Queen Anne’s Lace was standing regally insisting the passerby stop and give their respect and adoration.


The wheat field was also showing signs that we had indeed made it to summer and a new growing season.


As we walked the path, I could smell new hay, freshly mowed grass and the freshness that recent showers brings to the woods and fields.  We rounded the bend in the trail and started past the cow field.  The cows were on the other side of the hill, so all was quiet except the excited chattering of the birds as they flitted from branch to branch in the trees that lined the trail on the right.

Past the cow field, we entered the woods and began our ascent up Brooks Hill.  As we crossed our first stream, Sidekick Pauli took the opportunity to immerse herself in a spot deep enough for her to float a moment…oh to be a dog! She was loving it!! 🙂

Back at the big house we sat on the back steps for a moment to take in the smells, sights and sounds around us.  So peaceful for me.  Sidekick Pauli was not satisfied just sitting, of course, so we soon moved on to the car and headed home.


Sunday brought a day for reconnecting with Little Caesar.  I am always up early at my house to make the rounds of feeding the pets and cleaning litter boxes.  After I finished the morning routine with the animals, I sat down with my cup of coffee, ready to delight in the nothingness that is my Sunday morning.  So as I sat and let my mind wander, Little Caesar came down and asked whether I would like to go for a drive.  Well, yes, indeed I would!  A nice drive out to the country would be absolutely lovely! So off we went!

After an hour or so we found ourselves at the entry gates for Shenandoah National Park.  Good thing too since we only have one more week on our annual pass!  We found a trail head close to the northern terminus of Skyline Drive and went for a hike!  It was a short hike as we had not really planned for this road trip/hike in advance, but it was fantastic all the same.  So nice to get out on the trail with Little Caesar!  I think the last time we hiked together was in the fall so we were WELL overdue.

I came back from this weekend feeling absolutely right again! 🙂

Hike On! and on! and on!


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Hiking, the woods, books, my son, my cats and dogs, math, hanging with my sweetie and making fires. what else is there? oh yeah, falling in the woods every once in a while...it is a talent of mine.

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